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Phase and Task Management in Unanet A/E (Clearview InFocus)

Recently during an implementation of Unanet A/E the customer needed a way to do the following:

  1. Turn on and off phases and tasks with a checkbox. This allows the Project Manager or Administration to set the allowable time and expense entry dates to "yesterday".

  2. Manually set time and expense dates for entire project (all phases and tasks) by entering the values in a grid.

  3. Provide "approval gates" that log when a Project Manager or Division Manager (Principle in Charge/ PIC) have completed reviewing a phase or task and that phase or task is ready to be "active".

  4. Log when the PM or PIC have "approved" the phase or task to be activated with timestamp and username.

In response to this need I created what I call the "Project Node Manager". It allows users to activate/ deactivate any Project, Phase or Task just by clicking a checkbox. It does this by automatically setting the allowable dates for both time and expense entry when the box is checked.

To get an idea of what it looks like and how it functions, check out the diagram below.

Of course we can add functions or make adjustments to the functionality if needed.

To get this installed on in your instance of Unanet A/E (Clearview InFocus) then get in touch with us!

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