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Easily view audit trail data inside any project for Deltek Vantagepoint

I have a Vantagepoint client who often needs to quickly see "who dunnit" on a per project basis.

I suggested we create a custom tab inside the Projects hub that would easily display this information without having to run a report.

This data doesn't get deleted when the audit trail is purged; unless you want it to.

Some features:

  1. Open any project, and see the audit trail data for only that project.

  2. In a standard Vantagepoint custom grid that is sortable and exportable.

  3. Runs on stored procedures that you can have customized to see only certain kinds of updates.

In this particular case the client only wanted to see updates, not inserts or deletions, and not every single field.

Want this for your firm and have some ideas about what you want to see?

Get in touch.

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