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Line Item Approval in Unanet A/E - Paradigm Shift

Recently a customer asked for a better, more efficient treatment of the out-of-the-box solution for timesheet line item approval in Unanet A/E (formerly Clearview InFocus).

Their main focus was to improve upon the Project Manager (PM) experience, providing a project centric view of timesheets rather than an employee centric view.

The customer relayed some ideas about what was needed and I came up with an interface and set of functions which accomplished the following game changing features:

  1. All features and functions take place in one place. This makes it easy for the PM to get everything done with regards to timesheet review without having to switch screens or open timesheets.

  2. Project Managers see timesheet entries relevant to the projects they manage.

  3. Project Managers can see the context of those timesheet entries. The interface allows the PM to see the entirety of the employee timesheet with their project specific hours highly visible for a better understanding of total employee workload and commitment.

  4. I flipped the line item approval idea on its head. This is actually what I consider the most important part. With this custom module, there is no need to "approve" of or review every single line item on a time sheet. Project Managers can merely "mark" the lines that need changing with a comment. If any one line in a timesheet has a comment, it must be resolved before the timesheet can be approved.

Here are two diagrams of the module in action.

I've redacted employee names and changed project names on purpose. If you wish to get this module for your Unanet A/E installation or have an idea about something custom you need, reach out to me.

I make things easier, more efficient, and more robust. I would love to work with you.

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