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Job Titles, Time Sheets and Invoices in InFocus (Unanet A/E)

TLDR (too long don't read):

While Deltek Vision 7.x provides a more robust system for labeling staff types or labor categories in each labor rate table, I've developed a solution in InFocus/ Unanet A/E that removes the "different labels per client or project" limitation. If you're interested in seeing it and getting it, get in touch.

Article in detail starts here:

In Deltek Vision, you can have rate table specific titles, a feature that Infocus/ Unanet A/E does not yet have. Thus, in Unanet A/E you have a problem of the ever growing system Job Titles list.

In Unanet A/E (InFocus) the ever growing Job Titles list is caused by a limitation with Rate Tables. Any time you need a variation on a Job Title for a different project or client, the system requires you to enter a new one into the system wide list of Job Titles. Thus, if you have projects that require "Senior Inspector", "Sr. Inspector" or "Inspector Senior Level" then you are required to have all 3 variations in your system wide list.

In Deltek Vision, you can re-use the same code and change the label for each rate table. Thus, it's infinitely more flexible in this way.

Lucky for you, I've created a solution in Unanet A/E (InFocus) that allows you to provide different labels for system wide job titles. You can assign a different label for each project if you wish.

Here are the same ideas illustrated with diagrams:

Deltek Vision works this way:

On the other hand, Unanet A/E (InFocus) works this way:

So what did I do to solve this problem for a client?

  1. Project specific labels for existing Job Titles

  2. A timesheet hack

Firstly, I provided a way for the client to specify alternate labels for system wide Job Titles, on a per project basis. I did this by putting those alternate labels in a custom grid like this:

Then, I did a little timesheet customization hack to make those same labels appear in the timesheet like this:

Lastly, a little invoice customization to get those same titles to appear on the invoice itself.

That's just a custom report, which I haven't taken care of yet so I don't have an example to show you. However, if you've seen my work before, you know that custom reports are my jam.

Interested to have this functionality added to your instance of Unanet A/E, InFocus?

Need help with billing rates or labor categories in Deltek Vision?

Want to see how I deal with employees needing to bill time to projects when they don't have the job titles assigned yet?

Contact me now, or just stay tuned.

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